Not all Toilets are Created Equal!

All toilets sold in North America use 1.6 gallons of water or less. Not all have the same flushing performance. Recent independent surveys of ultra low flush toilet systems show conclusively that Western Works Best, whether you’re using our 1.6 gpf products or our environmently-friendly HET series.

All of Western’s toilet come in White, Ivory bone or Cashmere and all of our toilets can be paired with any of Western’s tanks.

Some of our Bestselling Products

Round Front 822

Our round front 822 has the features of other premium products at a very practical price. This is the toilet that started Western’s reputation as the maker of what our customers call the "The best flushing toilet in America". »

Elongated 832

This elongated closet flushes as well as our round front and that’s something. Elegant and statuesque, the 832 is a sensible choice at a great price. »

ADA Compliant 872

The 872 is classically styled like the elongated toilet and is also ADA compliant. This model also has the same great flushing performance as our other toilets.
ADA Compliant 872 »